Arab Union

May be formed by: Any country which is part of the Arabic culture group (so has a primary culture of Maghrebi, Mashriqi, Misri, Sudanese or Maures)

Formation Requirements:

  • At peace
  • is civilized and a greater power
  • Nationalism & Imperialism
  • all national cores are personally owned
  • either any neighbouring Arabic country is in your sphere OR you own any province which is not your core, is not colonial, and which has a majority of an Arabic culture.

Effects of Formation:

  • +20 Prestige
  • Sets the "Arabic Call to Union" global flag, which allows for Arabic pan-nationalists to appear
  • All national cores are removed and replaced with Arab Union cores
  • country tag is changed to Arab Union (ARU)
  • Fires the "Call for Arab Unity" event -- this adds Arab Union cores to every Arabic country's core provinces (whether they exist or not). Any country which is not Arabic but which owns Arab Union cores will have relations drop with you by -100 and leave any alliance. They will also get a Free Peoples CB and Humiliate CB against you. Any Arab Union core province they own will receive the "Nationalist Agitation" modifier (increasing militancy) and have the militancy of any Arabic pops increased +5. Meanwhile, all Arabic countries which are in your sphere and either not vassals (or are your vassals) will receive the annexation event-- which they will accept unless your governments are very incompatible.


  • In case it's not clear, yes, Arab Union cores will appear over the entire Levant & Arabia area as well as over most of North Africa.
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