BEN Flag

Flag of the Empire of Benin.

Benin represents the Benin Empire, a powerful (if small) state which existed in Southern Nigeria from 1440 to 1897. Today renowned for its artistic treasures, Benin was a state based on large, heavily fortified settlements (represented by forts in PDM) and traded extensively with European merchants for centuries. During the 19th century Benin fell increasingly under the economic and political influence of Britain and was eventually conquered by the British Empire and made part of Nigeria (see the Benin Expedition of 1897, in which the British burned their holy city).

Benin's primary culture is Edo, with "African minor" as an accepted culture. It is an Animist state.

Benin should not be confused wit the Modern-day nation called the Republic of Benin, which was named after it, but has no other direct connection.

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