Dahomey represents the Kingdom of Dahomey, a powerful (but fairly small) African kingdom which existed in what is now the Republic of Benin (not to be confused with the Benin Empire), from the year 1600 until its eventual conquest by the French in 1900. Dahomey grew strong form conquering the smaller states of the area and engaging extensively in the Atlantic Slave trade, wherein they exported slaves and imported luxury goods and modern firearms. The kingdom was famous for its fierce female warriors which Europeans termed the Dahomey Amazons. Dahomey fought against France's encroachment, culminating in its eventual defeat and integration into the French empire during the Second Franco-Dahomean War.

Dahomey is an Animist country (Voodoo originated there) with Fon as its primary culture and "African minor" an accepted culture.

Playing as Dahomey is fairly difficult, you are surrounded by more powerful African states, but if you can conquer them you have a good chance of resisting the Europeans and westernising.

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