Gran ColombiaEdit

GCO republic

May be formed by: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela

Formation Requirements:

  • Not at war
  • Nationalism & Imperialism
  • Prestige 50
  • Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela must either be in your sphere, a vassal or all their national cores are owned (with the exception of Mahdia and Essequibo in British Guyana).

Effect of Formation:

  • +10 Prestige
  • Grand Colombia cores added to all natonal cores of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica
  • Grand Colombia core added to Marabitanas (province id# 2401)
  • If Colombia, Ecuador or Venezuela exists then they are annexed.


  • Before becoming Gran Colombia, a forming country may extend their national cores to the other two via the "Claim Gran Colombia" decision. This decision may be performed if the country has Nationalism & Imperialism, a war policy of jingoism and has become a greater power.
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