Lan XangEdit

LXA republic

May be formed by: Any nation with Lao primary culture (specifically Luang Prabang, Champassak and Wiang Chhan... though, of those three, only Luang Prabang exists at the start of the game)

Formation Requirements:

  • Must own either Luang Prabang (province id# 1356) or Vientiane (province id# 1357)
  • Not at war
  • Is not a vassal
  • Prestige 30
  • has at least 4 provinces total
  • One of the following must be true:
    • Nationalism & Imperialism researched
    • owns Luang Prabang (province id# 1356), Vientiane (province id# 1357), Savannakhet (province id# 1361), Salavan (province id# 1362) and Pakche (province id# 1363)
    • is a greater power or secondary power
    • has 40 Military Score and 150 Prestige

Formation Effects:

  • Receive Lan Xang cores on all of Laos region, as well as Udon Thani (province id# 1358) and Sisaket (province id# 1359)
  • +10 Prestige
  • +2 Infamy
  • any existing country with Lao primary culture receives a "Laotian Unification" event. If they are in your sphere or are your vassal, they will automatically accept annexation. Otherwise they have an 80% chance of accepting, less if they are in someone else's sphere, are someone else's vassal or have less than 100 relations with you.


  • If Lan Xang has been formed, it may be reduced back to its original nation if it loses all but its capital region
  • "Laos" is the republic name for Lan Xang
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