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PDM flag of the Massina Empire.

Massina represents the Massina Empire which was an Islamic African Empire which emerged in what is today Eastern Mali, in the early 19th century. Massina started as a breakaway from the Pagan Segu Empire as part of the Fulani jihads, a series of uprisings and wars by the Muslim Fula people (called Fulbe in VIC2), resulting in the creation of several powerful Islamic states (Sokoto being the most important).

Seku Amadu (represented in the game as a military leader) was the Religious fundamentalist ruler of Massina who lead the uprising and Jihad against Segu and starts the game at war with them. Historically, Massina severely weakened Segu, but never quite managed to fully conquer them, with both states being conquered by the new and aggressive Toucouleur Empire by 1862.

Massina is a Sunni Muslim country with Fulbe as the primary culture and African Minor as an accepted culture.

Massina is an interesting country to play since it has many great possibilities for the future, if played well. Your first task should be to conquer Segu (both countries have cores on each other), which you should try to do as soon as possible, since Massina has a major advantage over the weakened empire at the start, but if you wait too long they may become more powerful then you. Once Segu is conquered, try to build up as big an Empire as you can in Africa. Forge alliances with your fellow Fulbe states, like Sokoto (until you no longer need them). If you can conquer enough area you will be able to enact the decision to become the Toucouleur Empire and if you can become even bigger, you can re-found the great Mali Empire. If you can hold off the Europeans until the 1880s to 1900s then you have a good change of westernising and can even become an African Great Power able to challenge Western Imperialism and go on to unite the Continent!

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