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How It Differs From Vanilla[]

There are a number of ways in which PDM's economy is different from that of vanilla Victoria 2. PDM not only rebalances the economy,but also expands and magnifies it.

The rebalancing in the PDM economy takes the form of careful recalculation of the existing balance and structure of the world economy in Victoria 2. Most RGOs will only provide enough output for their workers to fulfill their life needs prior to technology improving them. Factories are inferior to artisans until technology improves them. And POPs are restrained from working in factories until they have achieved at least 20% literacy. And finally, many goods have multiple production paths, so that cloth can be made from wool or cotton, or canned food can be made in multiple different ways.

The Expansion of the economy is the more obvious aspect. Around 20 new commodities have been added to the economy, from new RGO goods to clerk-only factory products. In PDM, you can have a thriving shoe industry, or a run a powerful finance sector, or dominate the world's press.

Magnification is the final major change to the PDM economy. Due to problems in the base game's calculations, everything in PDM is ten times as productive and requires ten times as much input or needs. This means that money is worth only 1/10th of its value in vanilla, but equally it means that there are no money inflation bugs and no instances of demand bugs. It's an important change from a technical perspective, but does not alter gameplay.

RGO Goods[]

This should be just a brief rundown of Goods with most of the info in the Goods article



This should be just a brief rundown of factories with most of the info in the Factories article.


Economy Advice From Experienced Players[]

Don't over upgrade your factories at the beginning, its best to have multiple level 1 factories in a state than have a single big factory. The worlds RGO wont be able to support lets say a level 5 cigarette factory at the beginning of the game.

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