May be formed by: any country with Rajput primary culture (Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Mewar)

Formation Requirements:

  • not at war
  • not a vassal
  • either owns or has the owner in your sphere for the following provinces: Bikaner (province id# 1267), Jaisalmer (province id# 1265), Jodhpur (province id# 1266), Jaipur (province id# 1268), Ajmer (province id# 1264) and Udaipur (province id# 1269)

Formation Effects:

  • +10 Prestige
  • add Rajputana cores to the entire Rajput region
  • any existing Rajput country will receive the annexation event


  • Rajputana can be formed by other nations with the exact same requirements, and this releases Rajputana as a vassal (putting it in your sphere and adding +100 relations). The AI-controlled UK will only do this, however, only if none of the Rajput countries currently exist. If any of them exist and is the UK's vassal, the UK will not fire the decision.
  • Unlike some of the other Indian sub-unions (Hindustan, Dravidistan and Marathas), Rajputana has no special benefits when it comes to Indian unification and otherwise operates as any other Indian country.
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