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Toucouleur Empire[]

TOU monarchy.jpg

May be formed by: Massina, Tooro, Jallon, Wattara, Wolof, Dendi, Damagaram, Sokoto

Formation Requirements:

  • not at war
  • government is Absolute Monarchy
  • owns Segu (province id# 1800)
  • owns Bandiagara (province id# 1804)
  • owns Niamey (province id# 1808)

Formation Effects:

  • +10 Prestige
  • Fulbe, Bambara, Songhai, Tuareg and African Minor added as accepted cultures
  • Toucouleur cores added to all national core provinces
  • Toucouleur cores added to all Segu, Dendi and Massina national cores
  • capital moved to Segu (province id# 1800)